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Dodge dart build

08-18-2010, 06:45 PM
Ok what do you guys think about putting an ls7 or ls9 into a dart?

08-18-2010, 06:50 PM
1969 dart

Bill Grissom
09-10-2010, 01:43 AM
You would have to spend a lot of time measuring dimensions and planning motor mounts. I assume you would include the transmission that normally attaches to the motor. Once you get to a driveshaft, it is usually easy to adapt to any rear end. Quite a few people have put modern Hemis into Darts, so seems possible. See (

One thought is if the whole engine and steering subframe assembly of an LS can be swapped in. In that case, you only need to figure how to attach to the front frame rails. On Darts, the K-frame that supports the engine, steering, and lower contol arms connects with just 4 bolts. LS engines are probably similar. To match width, you probably need from a car instead of a truck. But then, you lose the Dart's front suspension (lower control arm and torsion bars). If you can bring all that over from the LS, good, but make sure the top spring mount is part of that and not the frame since nothing similar in the Dart. Any of this might be possible since they make complete front end kits for Darts with coil springs and rack & pinion steering (very costly). Also, the wheel -wheel distance should match the Dart's sheet metal or get wheels with the needed back-space dimension.

If you drop the engine onto the Dart's K-frame, many clearance issues to consider, such as steering arm under the oil pan, hood clearance, routing headers past steering gear, torsion bars, and inner fenders. That is where people cut sheet metal.

Supplying utilities is probably the easiest part since engines today are fairly stand-alone with attached controllers. You need a fuel return line to your gas tank, but you can get Dart fuel senders today w/ a 3/8" outlet and 1/4" return pipe. Also, an external high-pressure fuel pump. I know 1990's Ford trucks used those.

Finally, question what you get from the LS engine. Isn't it a 2 valve pushrod design? If so, a Chrysler small block gives you that, so maybe it is a question of improved fuel/air and ignition. If so, you can add multi-port fuel injection and many people add the great LS ignition to other engines. Indeed, I bought LS coils for a Dart small block upgrade myself someday.

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