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Front Wheel Hub Bearing 2001 Sl2

08-16-2010, 05:33 PM
Anyone have any idea how difficult it is to replace a front wheel hub (bearing) on a 2001 Saturn SL2. Long story short it makes a growling noise driving straight and when turning to the right and it goes away when I turn to the left. I imagine it's the right wheel Hub??? I rotated the tires, boots look fine, and no clicking or popping when I turn so I'm thinking "maybe" not a CV joint. If this is too difficult, what's a fair price for the work and part(s). It looks like I can get one (the assembly) anywhere between $60.00 and $120.00 online or at a parts store but I'm sure it'll be marked up at ye old auto shop though. The car has 160k, would the replacement of both hubs be in order as well. I assuming the answer to that is probably yes. I've got to get it done, I obviously don't want the wheel to fall off......I'm not the worlds greatest home mechanic but I'm great at trial and error. Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.

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