Detailed help needed with IMG replacement on '99 Rodeo 3.2L

08-11-2010, 10:16 PM
I've read all the instructions I can find on this, here and on other sites referenced in I started this afternoon but after following Sam's instructions I was unable to lift the manifold enough to get to the gaskets. The bracket and hoses referenced in the add-on instructions seem to be in the way. Also, the fuel hose to the rail may be limiting movement.

The add-on instructions tell of removing the bracket and vacuum diaphram from the rear of the manifold. There is less than .5" of space between the bracket and the firewall and no way to get even a cut-down 6mm hex in there, so I'm stumped on how to proceed.

Specific questions are:

1. Do you remove the top plenum before trying to remove the bracket and diaphram?
2. If not, how do you get to them?
3. Does the fuel line need to be removed from the fuel rail?
4. Due to the serious frame rust problems, I won't be keeping this for more than a year or so. Is it worth the effort to completely clean the manifold?

Any other suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.


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