$6,000,000.00 BMW 2002 Series

08-11-2010, 05:49 AM
Do you guys have any clue what makes this car worth 6 million dollars? there isn't any description to why its so special, but its selling for this much on eBay?

1973 BMW 2002 Turbo (http://targmart.com/carstrucks?title=1973+bmw+2002+turbo)

I've seen others for way cheaper just not sure what makes this one so friggin expensive! wow. im still blown away. I don't think that if i had the money, that I would even spend that much on this bmw. Maybe several Lamborghini Gallardo's, or a couple Testarossa's!


01-21-2011, 12:08 PM
Now thats called real car but it needs a real man to have this much money and big heart to buy such a car.

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