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Best oil ?

08-11-2010, 04:03 AM
Everyone will have their own opinions but I noticed that the Dodge dealer here told me that I needed to change to 5w30 not 20. I purchased my 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Lonestar edition last week and I love it. I hope I did not ruin things by switching to 5w30

Also has anyone read or know about this? I found it on another forum from

The following information was just received, today, 7-27-07 from a Ms. Maggie Gentry, an Executive at DaimlerChrysler Corporation. “The information in your owner’s manual about what oil weight to use has been transposed. The proper oil weight to use is SAE 5W-30, not 20 but 30.” This is an EXACT QUOTE taken from my phone messaging system and I have recorded this message to a .wav file on my computer. When I called and asked about DC providing an extended warranty to cover any possible engine damage, due to THEIR error in providing this bad info in my owner’s manual, she said she could not offer ANY compensation. I, myself, can only take my recording, which by the way, is LEGAL to use in any court, (Messages left on answering systems cannot be considered private and the recording can be used in court), and try to be awarded a “fair settlement” by being provided at least an extended warranty. There MAY not be any problems with running the 5w-20 from the 1500 to about the 3200 miles I have driven, but with the fact that the proper oil weight was not correctly specified and ultimately used, there MAY well be future problems with my engine. JUST REMEMBER-DC WOULD DROP ANY WARRANTY CLAIM IN A F------- INSTANT IF YOU DID NOT FOLLOW THEIR RECOMMENDATIONS… I am awaiting a meeting with the regional rep to discuss this issue. I will keep you’all posted. P.S. Just because My oil filler cap states “5w-20” does not mean that is correct…. P.P.S. If you may have any questions about my conversation with Ms. Gentry, you should call her DIRECT and get it “straight from the horse’s mouth”. (248-944-7084). I am sure she would LOVE to hear from you……… “There is strength in numbers”….

Lost in Ram country:runaround:

09-10-2010, 05:33 AM
Interesting.....all the resources I usually use indicate it's 5w20.

So the dealer is telling you to use 5w30? I'd check with Chrysler corporate...especially if the dealer is doing your oil changes!!!

If you've done a lot of reading on that website, as I have, you'll see that using a thinner oil isn't necessarily a bad thing.

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