2003 LX Sedan - weird 5th gear auto transmission behavior

07-27-2010, 06:49 PM
here is the situation,
while driving, gears 1-4 when I gas pedal is pressed, the rpm meter goes up, when accelerating, when pedal released, the rpm goes down to about 1200 rpm, and the vehicle rolls....
on the 5th gear, the rpm meter goes up when accelerating, but when the pedal released, the rpm meter stays at whatever it was eg. 2500 rpm, and it feels like on a manual transmission... engine breaking...
when i hit the gas pedal quick so the meter goes up to eg 3000 rpm and release it right away, it goes to its 1200-1300 rpm....
I noticed it right after i did the engine oil change ( i always do it myself )... rather coincidence, but I really do not know...

the transmission was replaced when the accord had 55000... ( noise - still on warranty )
now the car has 90000 - transmission about 35000 - transmission never serviced. transmission fluid has good level, clean, no check engine light etc...

before I contact the dealer/service, I would like to know what the possible causes could be - before I hear any verdict from the repair shop,

Thank you very much,


ps: V4 - 2.4L - 4DR - 2003

09-29-2010, 03:37 AM
Sounds like an unusual torque convertor lockup control issue.

What speed is this happening at? Lockup should occur at about 40+ mph, top gear, light load. Should unlock when you give it gas or touch the brake.

The TCC (torque convertor control) mechanically locks up the two sides of the torque convertor when cruising under light engine load. This makes it more fuel efficient, as the TC is essentially a fluid-powered turbine that will always have a certain amount of slip in it.

Stall speed, as it relates to TCs, is the engine input speed at which the turbine no longer tries to drive the tranny, acting as a clutch so you can stop the car. If the TCC lockup doesn't work right, it will act like a fully engaged clutch would, so the engine is driven by the car's inertia (engine braking, as you said)...if it fails to unlock before coming to a complete stop, it will also stall the motor, just like a clutch if you failed to disengage it as you stopped.

See if it unlocks if you tap the brake lightly when it's happening. It should...

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