2006 Pacifica fuel gauge acting crazy

07-25-2010, 12:09 PM
I did a search about this with no luck....we recently drove our 2006 Pacifica on vacation to Yellowstone, and during the trip we noticed that our fuel gauge drops down to "empty" suddenly after the fuel level falls to around half a tank. This has gone on for about a month. Today i drove home from Little Rock, about a 3 hour trip, and bought $25 worth of gas. The comp said 286 miles til empty, then at some point before i got home it suddenly dropped to "e" and the comp said i only had 19 miles til empty. It's only 168 miles from Little Rock to home.

Has anyone heard of this? It's annoying because i can't depend on the gauge to know the fuel level. Is the float stuck somehow or could it be some type of sensor? Please help.

08-03-2010, 12:21 PM
I'll bet it's the same fuel sending unit problem on all the Minivans. The fuel sending unit is dirty or damaged, which means: replace the fuel pump assembly (which has the sending unit on it, just like the minivans)
I have one in my Caravan that reads dead empty, but only when full, then dings and goes back and forth until the tank is just under full (like 1/2 a gallon down), then it works perfectly. It's Been that way for 10 years... never got better, never gotten worse. I just left it alone and ignore the ding and low fuel light for the first 18 miles or so. (because I'm too cheap to replace the fuel pump, for a sending unit failure).

04-24-2011, 01:56 AM
I just bought a 2006 Pacifica in March. Same problems, fuel tank goes from half empty to empty. I noticed 3 days after we bought it so luckily the dealer said they would fix it. I just got the car back after about 2 MONTHS! and 4 times of trying to fix it later its FIXED. They started out by replacing the tank, then the canister, then the instrument cluster, and somthing else I dont remember. The thing that finally fixed my car was they replaced BOTH fuel pump moduals and BOTH sending units. If my dealer wasnt fitting the bill for me it would have been thousands. It took THREE different dealerships to fix it. Two were Chrysler dealers. The tank and canister alone was $1200. The bill to the dealer for just the pumps and sending units was $800. But like I said, now its fixed. YEA!!!!!

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