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Open Letter to Honda

07-23-2010, 03:27 PM
Dear Honda,
My dad had bought a 1993 Honda Civic LX back in 1992. It is opal green (or rather aqua, as I tell everyone). He got into a serious accident in 1999. He was ok, just some minor bruises. The car, however, was very twisted. After some budget-willing body work in the Bronx, new car doors from a junk-yard, and fresh paint, the car was back in action.
In 2000, I turned 16 years old, and got my NY State permit. 6 months later, after passing my driver's test, I was the owner of this Honda Civic. It was the most generous gift ever given. Its been hard on me financially as a kid, first paying gas and maintenance, to now handling the insurance as well... I've named the car, The Galactic Cruiser. Apt name for an aqua colored car with less than 100 horse power, huh? She drives stiff, with crooked alignment, leaks in the trunk, rust in random spots, and all in all she is now in poor condition.
I love the Galactic Cruiser, I've basically grown up in the driver's seat of that car. Sure, my dad's Lexus RX330 is sexy and fast. At least my little brother's 2003 Toyota Camry is a lazy, soft dud. My mom just got the new 2009 Honda Civic LX in this chocolatey brown. Its niiiiice.
Anyway, the point of this letter was to tell you a little about the story of The Galactic Cruiser and its family. You see, I'm soon to be on the market for a new car- My civic is pretty terminal, though still running. It hasn't passed an inspection (legally) in 3 years. But it is with a heavy heart that I am looking at other cars. You see, my Civic has done something spectacular... Just recently, it has reached an impressive 230,000 miles!!

17 years in the family and 230,000 miles. Thank you Honda! This open letter is for everyone in the world to see a happy owner of one hell of a trooper. Well, its time I changed the oil, here's hoping for another several thousand miles! :cheers:

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