My LeBarons

07-20-2010, 01:06 PM

I just joined this forum and wish to introduce myself before asking a bunch of questions regarding repairs and parts availability.

I have three LeBarons as my handle on these forums indicates: I bought the first one in 2005, a Wine coupe with Charcoal interior with 3.0 litre V6 4 speed auto. It has approx 250000 Km on it. Runs great but is rusting badly.

My second purchase was a Maroon 94 convertible 3.0 litreV6 4 speed auto with Beige interior in 2008. It now has 217000 Km on the clock.

My third car is an White 88 convertible, Medium Blue interior with 4 cylinder turbo bought a month ago for $200. Unfortunately the head was damaged and the guy who owned it took the head off and stored the car for six years so naturally the motor is now unserviceable. My original intention was to use the car for parts for the other two, but the body and interior are in excellent shape and it's a shame to tear it apart. I have to give it some more thought.

Anyway, here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.

1993 Coupe

1994 Convertible

1988 Convertible Turbo

I love these cars. In my opinion these are a wonderful combination of classic beauty and modern functionality. the 93 and 94 are great reliable daily runners and are relatively cheap to maintain. And great fun to drive.


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