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Thanks for the info

1999 jimmy owner
07-18-2010, 06:58 PM
Just recently i had the 'clicking' of the flasher for no reason, So i searched thru the forums and found the one... "clean the multifunction switch"... Made sense to me and it was a great post with pics. Didint cure the problem and believe me i cleaned it. As i had it apart i was goofin around with the Hazard switch and seeing where and how it contacted i couuld make the flasher stop in certain places.... so i says to myself...( i know the multi is a sealed unit) i'm gunna rip this thin open and see whats going on in there!
After i get it all back together i now have no high speed wipers and no
I will take it apart tomorrow and regain them lost needed things but... i do think i need a new multi for the clickin cure.
Also reading thru i came across 'cleaning the maf' i did this today with q-tips and menthyl hydrate and them tips were as black as i could apply them.
Ruff idle vanished in a sec and the thing runs like brand new!?

Thanks for the posts and ...GAWD I HAVE NO MONEY FOR A NEW TRUCK so i gotta keep suffering with this piece of crap with 250'000 kms :banghead:

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