Heater Core Removal- '96 B2500 5.9 w/AC

07-18-2010, 01:16 PM
I couldn't figure out why the insulation padding, passenger side floor mat, kept getting wet. Looks like it's the heater core. Any tips, advice, etc.
about this job for a non-pro wrench twister? How long does it take? Haynes manual looks pretty sparse on instructions and photos show older vans. Just wondering...... Thanks for any ideas/help/advice/tools/tricks. It looks like a lot of the AC lines and stuff has to come out. Is this the case?

07-18-2010, 10:24 PM
Obviously you have to remove the top half of that big black box on the passenger side under the hood. The heater core is inside of it.

Yes, if you have A/C the lines have to be disconnected from the black box and the system recharged after reassembly. It's also necessary to remove the black metal trim piece that runs across the front above the radiator, the grill,the passenger side headlight and turn signal assemblies.

Tip: There is a linkage rod that runs from the top of this black box, through the firewall, and connects to the air blend motor under the dash. Disconnect it from the motor under the dash and tie a string to it. During reassembly this string will help significantly to get the linkage back through the firewall when you're installing the black box.

It took me about 4 hours without rushing. It's all done with basic tools except for the needed A/C equipment to recharge the system properly.

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