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1994 Eldorado uncontrolled acceleration

OB- wan
07-12-2010, 05:14 PM
My battery died because the key was left in the accessory position and I had to jump the car yesterday. I then went for a ride to charge up the battery. The a/c went on automatically and I didn't pay attention. After a 10 mile drive it had a hard time starting, that's when I made the connection with the a/c.

Shut off a/c then got a great idea to accelerate hard on the way home to charge batt and to blast out carbon (pretty sure I read that here a while back). Dropped it into 1st and accelerated then shifted to d.

All seemed fine. Today idled kinda hard in the morning but then at lunch it idled at 40 then went to 55 after eating on way back to work. stopped for gas and the brakes wouldn't even hold it back after I started it. I put it in neutral and rolled to a parking spot.

Anyone heard of this before? any suggestions?

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