In the market: 2008 G37 Coupe 6MT or New Camaro SS

07-09-2010, 09:56 AM
Open to other suggestions as well... Looking for a RWD car with Manual Trans. I've read countless reviews and all is well about the G37's. Camaro has good reviews but sometimes mixed... Some say it handles like an understeering nightmare, others say it's very impressive for a 3850lb car. All complain about the blind spots on the Camaro.

But look at the thing. As a muscle car guy at heart, it's simply bad ass.

But the G37 is so refined, luxury, smooth, and still has a powerful V6 feeding the rear wheels thru a slick 6 speed. A tough combination to find these days at a reasonable price.

Anyway it's an 08 G37S with 20k miles.. Infiniti certified and clean carfax 1 owner warranty till 100K miles or 72 months. 29,500 asking price.

Camaro - I'd have to get the 2SS since I like technology and would love the integrated bluetooth and such. Probably would run me more like 34 or 35 grand.

What do you think? Refinement, about 200lbs lighter, better handling but with a 96HP disadvantage and 5 grand cheaper


Badass muscle car that is a straight line rocket ship, can be made to handle better with some mods, and the interior is viewed as kinda cheap but has a great amount of the bells and whistles that the G37 has if loaded. 12 second quarter mile and 24 MPG!

This will be my only daily driver.


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