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2002 1500 Ram 4.7L Engine Knock

07-08-2010, 11:51 AM
I have a 2002 4.7l dodge that had an engine knock when I got it. The engine had been overheated. I had the heads machined and valves replaced. I replaced the lash adjusters, timing chain and adjusters. The knock is constant regardless of engine temp. Drivability is fine and no engine light or codes. Does not get louder or softer with acceleration. I have good oil pressure. I put a timing light on it and the knock seems to be in sync with the light but the sound seems louder on the lower rear part of the motor. I tried a stethoscope but canít seem to narrow it down. The sparkplugs each have a coil pack on them so I remove the power from each one at a time to check for piston slap but noise never went away. Itís pretty easy to drop the pan. I did a look but not sure what to look for other than a spun bearing. Iím looking for any suggestions. Thanks

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