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92 Accord iddled high, wouldn't go into gear, overheating?

I Teach
07-05-2010, 04:20 PM
Hi I am going to be detailed as I consider myself fairly knowledgeable yet baffled. I have a 92 Accord with 93K original miles. I am an Auto Shop teacher and maintain this vehicle religiously. I was stuck in traffic for about an hour and I came to a red light, it seemed like I had to push down the brake pedal with more force than normal so I put my Accord in park. As soon as I released the brake pedal the idle jumped up to 2,500 RPM. It was also over 80 degrees out at the time. I was like WTF is going on here. I put my foot on the brake and went to put the car in gear and couldn't press in the shift release on the shifter to put the car in gear. My friend was like shut it off then try and restart it. I restarted it but it still wouldn't go into gear. Then I took my keys from the ignition and slid the key into the key slot by the shifter to release the shift lock, slid it into neutral, put the key in the ignition started it up and made it into the gas station across the street.

I did a coolant flush and replaced the trans fluid both within the past year on this vehicle along with replacing the shift cable about 2 years ago. My temp gauge was at normal operating range. Now I am ususally never stuck in traffic like this but it was Summerfest (worlds largest music festival). I also removed the AC compressor from this vehicle a few years back as the pulley was messed up. Only the passenger side fan was operating but from my research through the forum is that driver side fan kicks on with the AC.

At the gas station I immediately looked at my coolant reservoir which was fine and check for leaks. I was not leaking anything. I checked the automatic trans fluid since it wouldn't go into gear and it was near the add mark so I added a quart of ATF. This seems wierd to me because it should not have needed ATF even though what was in there was still pink/red and smelled fine.

What could this be the car runs fine now, shifts fine.
Possible - temp sensor
why was it idleing high and why wouldn't it go into gear
Please take some time and help me thank you.

So after driving the car for the past week I had no problems until yesterday after driving the car for quite some time. I put my Accord in park and then the idle started surging. I'm beginning to get frustrated.

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