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93 1.8L Fuel Pump Relay is where?

07-03-2010, 12:56 PM
Can't find the F/P relay. This Escort is different than most. The Diagnostic Box is square sitting by the battery in plain sight with a cover that says "DIAGNOSTICS" on top. Not the test plug I've seen and have a tester for on all other Fords I've owned. Knowone has the test connector for this box so I live with a Check Engine light cuz I'm too cheap to go to Ford. Still runs pretty good though. My Problem is I can't find the F/P relay to see if there's power to it. I don't have power at the pump and it won't start. This started intermittently but now I it's a hard fault but I can't find the relay. It is not one of the 4 in the upper left behind the fuse box. It costs $65 so I want to be correct in replacing it. If I knew what it looked like, it might help. Anyone have any ideas???

07-03-2010, 09:18 PM
I think it is below the radio, inside the console. You might need to remove the console that runs around the shifter, as i dont think it would be visible just from pulling off the plastic panel that is on the right side of the console up closer to the firewall - which is where I think the PCM is.
If you find it, you should be able to feel it 'clicking' on for a second right after the ignition switch is first turned to 'on'. I think your car also has a fuel pump inertia switch, that can turn the pump off (via the fuel pump cutoff relay) if you have hit a bad pothole or bumped a car in a parking lot.
To see what the relays look like, you could go to, and put in your make, year, model, and look in the 'electric switch & relay link. Once you click on the name of a relay, there will be a tiny image of it, which you can enlarge by clicking on the image.

The fuel pump inertia switch is on the passenger side rear strut tower, accessible from a little door in the side of the trunk area. You push down on the red button in its top to reset it. But if this switch were open - I think you would have a light on the dashboard that would say "fuel cutoff" or something like that. It would stay on anytime the ignition was on.

07-05-2010, 06:38 PM
Thanks for the reply denisond3. I spent a lot of time looking there and under the driver side above the fuse box to no avail. I found it on the right side next to the PCM all by itself. All I had to do was remove the right side kick panel and there it was. I had the entire left side apart. While there I found the heater core had been leaking on the PCM and all connections in the area. Everything was wet! The relay looked good on the inside and it still was not energizing with the key on. I pulled the PCM and opened it up thinking it might be wet but it wasn't. I cleaned and dried all the mount points and re-installed it. I looked for power when I turned the key on and still didn't get it. WAIT... When I turn the key to the crank position it puts power to the pump!!! I put the connector back on it started!!! I'm not sure if this is all part of my intermittent problem of if cleaning the ground mount points made a difference but I have power only when I crank, not when I turn the key on. Thinking back a couple weeks, the car was working when I tried to listen for the pump when I turned the key on but couldn't hear it then either. Lesson learned..I think. The fuel pump don't always run in the key on position!! We'll wait to see if it comes back. Mean while, I look forward to replacing the heater core. The book says the entire dash has to come out!!

07-05-2010, 07:42 PM
The fuel pump is supposed to run for about 1.5 seconds each time the ignition key is turned on - but its the PCM that tells the fuel pump relay to do that. If the coolant has gotten into the PCM, perhaps it has ruined that function. The other two conditions that make the fuel pump run are:
1. The starter being engaged.
2. The crankshaft position sensor telling the PCM that the engine is spinning/running.

Taking the dashboard out is a big job, but I wouldnt advise trying to hurry the work. I always like to take lots of pictures with my digital camera as i take things apart, and I have a large supply of small containers to put screws in, keeping them in categories. (I cut orange juice cartons apart to get my containers).

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