falcon still up

05-07-2003, 07:53 PM
Anywho heres the run down. 1962 Ford Falcon(i know...its a ford) The car is in MINT shape NO rust at all, the interior is in even better shape and is pretty much all original. There are 51 000 miles total on the car and has a straight 6 cyl engine with a three in the tree standard tranny, which is rear wheel drive. This car starts better than my civic! which is amazing considering the age , but obviously cars were built better back in the day. I am asking 3500 canadian, but can be reasoned. Anyways heres sum pics

If u have any questions or anything u can get me at phat_cat_kc@hotmail.com or u can give me a shout at 1-705-445-0484 and im in ontario canada. thnx

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