Warning: 'lmi turbos'

06-26-2010, 03:43 AM
nono:WARNING: What every you do, :2cents:do not buy any turbos or send your cores to LMI Turbos. I got riped off by Warren Luciano, Remember this name. I ask if he is one of those guy that just forget about me and he said no he wasn't the one that take your money and forget about the customer, Well he lied:disappoin. They won't respond to your emails. I found out that he has taken others, even his own business partners. This so call company should not exsit any more. Needs to be drumed out of business.:sarcasm1: So help me spread the word about LMI Turbos and hopefully word of mouth will put an end to these liers and theives that want to take your hard earned money especially in these hard times. Thank you for reading this and passing the word forward.:mad:

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