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Honda accord engine swap

06-23-2010, 03:16 AM
Hello. Im new to this forum. I have a question which someone may be able to help me.

I have a honda accord 2002 cf3 and i would like to swap out the F18B SOHC engine with a DOHC F20B engine found in the cf4. I have found a full front half of a cf4 which is a complete conversion. Comes with EVERYTHING including the gear box. I believe that the cf3 is the same chassis as the cf4 and the cl1. The max that i am going to spend is NZ$5000. So im just wondering how much roughly would a strait swap done at a garage charge? Also if i do confirm that i would go ahead for a swap,

what would I need to do before i can get a new WOF and road legal and safe?
Would i need someone to have a look at the car.
Who do I call etc.

Just to summerise, i want to know what is the steps from finished engine swap to becoming able to be aloud on the road.

Any information will be helpful


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