96 Z28 no spark problems

06-20-2010, 05:06 PM
Ok so has anybody ever had their camaro or firebird just not produce spark? I bought this car cuz it had very low miles on it, and the owner said it just shut off going down the road. they said that the mechanic had diagnosed it and it was the opti so i bought the whole distributor and put it on. still no start, but we noticed that there were three grounds that were hanging off the icm bracket and we grounded them back to the bracket, but still nothing! i started checking for spark then and, I had nothing at the coil. I figured the loose grounds had shorted out the icm so i had it checked, and it was faulty. the only problem is that I replaced it and the coil for good measure, and still no spark! does anybody have any answers cuz I'm stumped?

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