6.0 one bank dead!

06-13-2010, 03:15 PM
hey guys i got a 06 f-350 truck with a 6.0 diesel in my shop.the truck barely runs,the whole drivers side bank is dead,or at least the exhaust manifold is cold.the only trouble code i keep getting is a cylinder 2 contribution code.but the truck is so weak it wont pull out of its tracks.when the truck was brought in i pulled the bottom fuel filter and it was full of mud and water,i replaced both filters but it didnt help.i checked fuel pressure and it idles at 55 psi,the truck wont rev enough to build any more.i am leaning towards a cyl 2 bad injector,but why is the whole bank dead?help guys i am pulling my hair out with this one!thanks guys,GOD bless!

06-14-2010, 08:18 PM
Do Injector buzz test, If comes back with PO611, it needs a FICM. Pull EGR valve out and check if its wet or "sticky" If it is your EGR cooler is blown. I've seen EGR valve do some crazy things! More than likely its FICM and/or weak fuel pump ever though its idleing at 55 psi. Question: Does it smoke, if yes is it white or black?

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