01 Rodeo Misbehaving

06-12-2010, 06:04 PM
Like many of you I am having many issues with my rodeo. Just recently I pulled the codes from the computer. I have 4 bad O2 sensors, random multiple cylinder misfires, crankshaft position sensor out of time, and the fuel level sending unit sensor. well I have a good friend who is a mechanic for these cars. His advice is replace the CPS sensor clean the EGR valve, and replace the fuel pump. that should clear the problems. I have yet to afford this but I will update as I go to advise all of you.

06-12-2010, 09:58 PM
Start with the CPS and clean the EGR and EGR tube ... the 02 codes may clear themselves up after this fix.

the fuel pump doesn't need to be replaced... there is a fuel sending unit that attaches to the pump that needs to be replaced.

Check out the FAQ link below for more info on these fixes.

How many miles do you have on your Rodeo?

Cat Fuzz
06-12-2010, 10:45 PM
I don't see how your CKP can be out of time. It's not adjustable. also, O2 sensor codes don't always mean to replace the O2 sensors. There could be another problem elsewhere that is causing the O2 sensors to be doing whatever they are doing. Can you list the specific codes that you pulled?

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