Sad truth

06-11-2010, 01:34 AM
Well first off, ill introduce myself and im new(er) here with this car :)

right now i have a 1988 camaro with a tbi 305...ive really gotten into cars the past few years and ive taken this car seriously for the past 8 months...

First off what ive done to it...nothing really special but stuff that needed to be done

first i had to get new exhaust system because the pipe was split so i got 2 1/2 inch pipes all the way to the muffler(which is still stock at this point) ive gotten new spark plugs and wires(which was recommended by my uncle) he knows hes edelbrock air filter setting and the k&n filter for it... and lastly i bought the daytona ram air hood...sadly it didnt come with louvers for the hood so now i have a tight ass looking hood with bolts stick out of them !! I dont know where i can get this but i dont want the iroc ones im more into the z28 louvers...will thess fit and where could i buy a pair...

ALSO next week my uncle and i are looking into a new motor for my camaro...its a 383 stroker thats in a chevy truck good condition and funs 4 barrel 650 holly and all buy i would have to buy shorty headers...what else would i have to do to turn my efi car to a carbed


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