quick info needed

06-07-2010, 11:56 PM
Help, been googling around and can't find this. I have an 06 Buick Terraza (same as uplander)and am installing a transmission cooler this weekend. I see the cooler in the stock transmission (I do not have the factory tow package) has a line at the bottom of the passenger side and at the top. Which one of these is the feed and which is the return? I want to plumb in my transmission cooler so that the flow goes TRANSMISSION --> RADIATOR --> AUX COOLER --> TRANSMISSION. It doesn't get particularly cold where I live so i'm not too worried about over cooling in the winter as these vans run warm anyways. I guess I'd be served well regardless of the order I installed the aux cooler but I would Prefer to tap into the line coming from the transmission. Your help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Also, somewhat off topic, I've got the dreaded brake, TCS, ABS lights on and a clunk clunk coming from the suspension on the front drivers side. I jacked it all up and there is no suspension play, so i'm thinking there is lateral movement in the bearing under load possibly and that is causing the sensor to throw the codes. The lights coincided with the noise starting last winter, then have been sporadic but now are on all the time.

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