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Honda S800

06-01-2010, 06:11 AM
Maybe here somebody could help me.
I want to make a model of Honda S800 1/12 by dayousha. But in this model engine look like rotary-type. I couldn't found any photos or any information about this type of engine.

Its look like this:
http://s59.radikal.ru/i163/1005/4a/235a8fa8ca6a.jpg (http://www.radikal.ru)
http://s53.radikal.ru/i142/1005/59/53d8f23884a3.jpg (http://www.radikal.ru)
Is it real engine? or no real car was made with this type? Maybe anybody cold give some contacts to me to get an answer?
To moderators: please, do not erase my message. On model forums i don't get an answer

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