97 Century To buy or not to buy

05-29-2010, 04:01 PM
Alright I'm looking at a 1997 Buick century with 205k. Engine runs well and transmission shifts good..Fluid may have just been changed as it was a clean red. Lot's of little problems.. Passenger window switches don't work and the door lock switches only unlock. Pretty manageable stuff to fix for me except for the rocker panels.. But it's a $500 car and I need something to get around in for now. I am not expecting to keep it more than a year

Both sides of the car are missing most of the panel and it's totally rotted out. I think I can get this to pass inspection fine, but what purpose do these serve? Just some rigidity for the body? I'd want to get it fixed either way but what am I looking at for $$ damages here.. It does look like you could just cut some sheetmetal to fit and weld it to the exsisting stuff but I'm not sure.

has anyone ever replaced these in this car?

The rest of the underbody is alright..Trailing arms are solidly attached. brake and fuel lines look like they have a year or so left. Engine cradle is okay

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