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86 Econoline Just won't start

05-29-2010, 02:25 PM
I've been troubleshooting this van for two months now, and any help you guys might be able to lend I will be very thankful for.

It turns over just fine, but no start. It's got a 351 5.0L V8, automatic trans, fuel injected.

I've checked for spark on the No1 wire; all good. Replaced all the plugs and wires. I put in a new ignition module just this week. I put plenty of dielectric grease between it an the distributor before installing.

I disconnected my in-line high pressure fuel pump from the circuit and cranked the engine. A healthy flow of fuel came out.

I located my fuel inertia switch and jumped it; to no avail. The fuel pump relay, and EEC relay are in the area nearby this switch. There is a clicking sound coming from the EEC relay; to my understanding this is normal. The fuel pump relay does not have a 'clicking' to it as best as I can hear. I don't think there's a problem with the fuel circuit because, as I said, my pump is spurting out a healthy stream of gasoline when cranked. I can easily hear it priming when I turn the key.

I held the gas pedal to the floor while cranking for a bit to no avail. My battery is practically brand new. I just used some battery cleaning foam on it and cut down on the corrosion substantially.

Someone mentioned something to me about checking the fusible links under the hood, coming from the starter solenoid/battery area that will lead to the EEC-IV (my car's computer). Also, they mentioned to follow the fuel line up from the pump to where it reaches the injectors and look for a schrader valve where I can check the fuel pressure coming from the pump. If I have spark and fuel delivery then the problem must be fuel pressure past the pump or air, correct? I'm not sure where to start if my engine's not getting the air it needs. I checked my air filter, and it seemed alright - I just turned it upside down and put it back in. Bad move?

One last thing; when I was changing my plugs, I was able to see a hose that looked to be going into the top of the engine(intake manifold?), whose tightener was loose, and the hose was consequently loosely attached. I tried to get in with a screwdriver to tighten it down but it was too bulky. This is just one of my leads; I am clawing for ANYTHING that might be indicative of the issue.

Thanks, Guys...hope to hear from you.

05-29-2010, 06:41 PM
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Make sure your light blinks when cranking. If it stays light check the ground wires going to the computer. If it don't light check for power going to the injector.
You should have two injectors on this motor. The computer pulses the ground to the injectors.
Use a can of starting fluid if the motor runs when spraying into the throttle body its a fuel problem.

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