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1999 dodge ram sport intermitant no start?

05-28-2010, 07:17 AM
i have a dodge ram that just the other night started doing a no start and i wanting to know where to start with this.

went to start it and it turns over great and started but was misfireing and would barely run. i turned it off and let it sit about and hour and ran fine!
next day would not start, turned over great but no start. so do the normal checks and to my surprise no oil! so i put 2 quarts in it and it starts fine! no knocking or seizeing so i assume everything is ok.

well a day later it will not start again. turns over great but like it has no gas or no spark. let it sit a couple hours and it starts fine again! it is full of oil this

any thoughts other than i need to keep my eye on the oil :)

ok new details..
wife was cranking while i hit the center of gas tank and it fired up..
but while i was under truck getting ready to tell her to crank it.. when she turned on key i heard the pump kick on before i even hit it.. but when i hit it it started up??
i had a little party here the other night and i had the key turned forward for a couple hours listening to radio so i wouldnt the the key chiming noise.. could this have caused a problem?

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