Lancia Beta 1/24 Giro di Italia Decals

05-12-2010, 02:21 PM
Hello, another quenstion for me...
Have anyone idea, how to find a decal set for Lancia Beta Montecarlo 1/24 Giro di Italia 1979? (The Gilles Car)
One idea, I have, is to send mail to MFH for one from his kit... But I ' don't know his contact details and if send only decals from a kit (I don't buy a MFH Beta to ask for replacement decals or second set)
Your ideas are very-very welcome...
Thanks for your time
With regards

05-13-2010, 03:23 AM
Mr Hiro will sure send you a replacement set, you wouldn't have troubles to find a contact, otherwise order it trough a reseller, just expect to pay it a bit more than a usual S27 or similar set, I think it is right.
I bought a 512M Sunoco to be used on a different MFH 512M since the Penske's one was OOP (TBH I ordered it togeteher with 3-4 full kits but I think he would be great if you order/ask a single decal set also). The fact that you use it on another kit or for the MFH Monte is just your own matter.

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