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97 escort multi function relay box?

05-12-2010, 12:37 PM
Hello! I took my Escort 97 to Pepboys to get freon since the a/c started blowing hot air and I was told its the "multi function relay box". Is this the same thing as a CCRM (I was doing my research on relays and saw this come up a lot)? I'm trying to see if my husband can fix it without having to pay pepboys $370. Do you know how I can get one of these parts (used, doesn't matter) and tell me if its hard to replace this or reach it inside the engine? MANY thanks!

05-14-2010, 11:36 PM
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The CCRM (constant control relay module) contains 4 relays, 1 of which controls the clutch on the air conditioning compressor. It's expensive. Plus $300. It is located under the intake tube on the driver's side. It is mounted on the front of the strut tower on the driver's side. It is a 4x5 inch box with many wire conntectors going into it. The relay for the AC compressor clutch has been known to crack out at the soldering joint. You can repair it yourself by drilling out the rivets that hold the box together and putting small bollts and nuts back in after sealing the box with some silicone rubber. If you have a boneyard you can go to you can get one for a fraction of what a new one will cost. It is easy to remove and replace.

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