97 altima GXE starting problems

05-10-2010, 01:10 PM
i did a head gasket job on this car a cuple weeks ago and trying to get it to turn over but wont. i've put a new upper chain and tensioner but left the lower chain and tensioner in. i've heard about the preload your suppose to put on the timing chains but the only one you can do that to is the upper chain because the lower jus sits on the crank and an idlersprocket that moves like a pulley so the only one you can do that to is the cam chain. i've got compression, i make sure to manually crank the engine from the crank with a wrench or socket because of the interference motor. it gets spark to all the cylinders. i take off the fuel pump relay and seems to try and crank over fine but as soon as i put that bak on the car buks like crazy. so rite now i have the negative battery cable off hopin to reset the injector timing. does that really reset the timing? ny other suggestions?

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