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1994 Corsica Won't Start

05-09-2010, 04:53 PM
I've been having an issue with overheating lately, but that's not the overall problem... I was under the impression that my radiator fan hadn't been working and thought that this might have something to do with why my coolant level running low quickly and the overheating issue. So, I popped the hood and looked at the wiring... I pushed on the wire running to the radiator fan (while the car was running) and the fan started to turn. As soon as I let it go, the fan stopped. Well, I ran inside to fetch some electrical tape to see if I could rig the wires in a way so the fan would work...

It was at that point when I pushed against the wire that my car died.

I did notice that a vacuum hose line had cracked and broke, so I replaced it. Car still won't start. We've figured out that it's getting gas... it's just that it seems that there's no spark.

I was just wondering if it's possible that it made a short in the wiring somewhere or if there was another issue that could be keeping my car from starting.

We've also checked the fuses and the wiring that was involved and they seem to be fine.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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