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here is the sequence to set your remote key fob 1998-2000 trooper

04-26-2010, 12:41 PM
follow these instructions and you will reset your new key fob everytime.

step 1 -- open driver door ( and leave open)

step 2 -- insert key

step 3 -- turn ign switch (key) to acc postion and then to lock 3 times fast as you can ( do within 3 sec)

step 4 -- within 10 sec close driver door then open driver door two times " from open position close, open, close, open. ( leave open)

step 5 -- turn ign switch (key) to acc position and then lock 3 more times within 3 sec.

step 6 -- within 10 sec close and then open driver door. ( locks will cycle by themselves )

step 7 -- within 20 sec press the lock button on your remote key fob, locks should cycle once

step 8 -- within 20 sec press unlock on remote key fob, locks should cycle again and system has accepted transmitters code.

step 9 -- if you add more key fobs do procedure 7 and 8 for each added ( up to 4 key fobs)

step 10 -- remove key, you are done...:p:loser:

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