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'99 Escort, relay sound in dash after brake job?

04-17-2010, 10:27 PM
I just finished doing an all wheel brake job on my son's 1999 Ford Escort. I replaced the rear linings, drums, springs, and hold down pins. The front brakes have new pads, rotors, and calipers. After I replaced the calipers, I bled the air out. The brakes feel really good. No problems there. I noticed when I got in the car and started it to go for a test drive, that when I pressed on the brake pedal, while the car was in "Park" that there is what seems to be a relay or something near the glove box area that started making a sound like it's activating. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It may not be related to doing the brake job, The sound just wasn't there before the brake job. Thanks!
After checking further, with my son pushing the brake pedal and I was listening from the passenger side of the interior, I have found the noise to be coming from the center console near the shifter, not in the dash as first thought.

04-18-2010, 11:45 PM
That might not be a fault condition if it's the '99 sedan. The stop lamps on the wagon are wired conventionally - the brake on/off (BOO) switch feeds 12 volts to the left, right, and hi-mount stop lamps, and they illuminate - no relays or modules involved. On the sedan though, only the hi-mount lamp is fed directly from the BOO switch, with the left and right stop lamps being fed via the electronic flasher unit. I don't know if that uses transistorised switching (silent) or relays but I suspect it would be the latter, in which case I'd expect a click when you press the brake pedal, with another click when you release it, and that would happen for all settings of the gear shift - not just the Park position.

The electronic flasher unit is mounted under the dash, above and to the right of the interior fuse panel - there's a bracket with a bunch of relays mounted on it - the flasher unit also hooks onto there and should be identifiable by being a different shape and larger than the relays. If you want to verify that that's where the clicking is coming from, then just unplug it - I think it has two connectors - and try pressing the brake pedal again.

This is the wiring diagram for the '97 wagon and sedan - I believe the wiring on your '99 should be identical:

'97 Escort stop lamps wiring diagram (

I don't know of any relays in the centre console area on the third generation models, but if you're sure that's where the clicking is coming from then let us know and I'll take a closer look at the wiring diagrams. Are the exterior lights all working correctly?

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