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Ck Tranny Light After Fluid Change

Larry K
04-17-2010, 12:38 PM
I have an 01 trooper 85,000 on transmission. Fluid and filter have been about every 30k. I changed the both yesterday drove about 15 miles and now i have check trans light flashing and a the CEL is on. The transmission shifts fine and the fluid is full. Trans did not go into safe mode. The old fluid was dark brown but there no pieces of metal in the pan just the usual sluge on the magnet. Got the trooper scanned at a tranny shop code 1870 and p0137 were the codes. they erased the codes and drove it for 20 miles said it shifted and ran fine no lights. I picked it up dove it home 13 miles everything was fine. Drove it this morning about 20 miles both lights came back on about 5 mins a part at just about 20 miles. trooper still shifts fine but the rpm's seem high in drive 65 mph 2700 rpm's any thoughts on what I should do next. Thanks For Your Help Larry

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