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Exterior Cleaning ? - Acura TL

04-16-2010, 08:23 PM
Hello, I am not aware if this has been posted already, but I could not find any other thread. Maybe I am just typing in the wrong search words, as I am not familiar with cars.

My Acura is black, and even after spraying it down with water, waxing it, and using cleaning products on it, it will not come clean.

Starting about midway up the car and covering the lower half, there is what appears to be a layer of white dust or something on the car. And no matter what I do to it, when the car dries after washing the layer reappears.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, because I really want my car to start shining for the summer. Please&&Thank you.

04-19-2010, 01:44 PM
Have you tried waxing it?

Gohan Ryu
04-19-2010, 04:35 PM
Sounds like your clearcoat is beginning to oxidize. Waxing it will hide the oxidation but it won't fix it. Rubbing compound might remove a little but the best way to fix oxidation is to sand it out and repaint it. If it's just the clearcoat it should be easy.

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