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  1. Dont you just love your other half.....
  2. I am so PISSED!!!!
  3. Does Satin Black even exist?
  4. Painting parts?
  5. VW Beetle pics for P.Man!
  6. The new S2000 kit.
  7. Question to Ferrari bums
  8. It Seems to me thats it time to buy an airbrush.
  9. Another 2 to build
  10. I need putty advice
  11. Bug on HLJ site
  12. Where the heck did the gallery go?
  13. n00b here
  14. So I started my first model...
  15. Now we are talking!!!
  16. where can you buy kits from?
  17. 1/18 scale rims
  18. I have some Castrol Super Clean
  19. New member, builder here
  20. Tire Lettering Question (and another pic!!)
  21. The model gathering I've been...
  22. Best way to get started?
  23. Whats the deal with Revell?
  24. Mitsubishi Eclipse.......
  25. How to make the F&F RX-7
  26. my first...
  27. build my car?
  28. Anyone good places in Toronto, Canada?
  29. Subaru Impreza MY99 Roadcar?
  30. Just ordered the other 2 Calsonic Skylines!
  31. What do you all think about.....
  32. Hello everyone! My first post with pics...
  33. Garage and Tools dioramas
  34. My 1st Real Model
  35. 1/24 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R!!!
  36. You know when HLJ's site is down...
  37. 1:18th Scale Diecast and Special Models
  38. Pimp88Accord found your model
  39. Post pics of Nissans you have built!
  40. 350z Tamiya on ebay! :)
  41. Ordering from HLJ....?
  42. New Tamiya Kits coming up soon
  43. Picked up another model today!
  44. Revell Mustang 1970 Boss 429
  45. Tips on painting windows?
  46. I stuck on Porsches
  47. Today I saw the most beautiful die-cast model
  48. Civics or any other Rice
  49. Whats the purpose of tamiya ultra thin cement??
  50. Damnit
  51. Oops!
  52. All you Initial D fans!
  53. How many spray cans you waste to cover one model?
  54. How you insert image in singature?
  55. Bad modeling days?
  56. question
  57. Fujimi Skyline R33 Carbon Aero?
  58. My Next Project
  59. Some Models
  60. Look this models
  61. you guys asked for it...
  62. Problems with
  63. tinting windows
  64. All BMW scale models
  65. This spoiler on my Impreza?
  66. What is the dumbest car detail you made?
  67. Tamiya S2000 -- Nth edition!
  68. Need Help
  69. A few models I liked whilst surfing!
  70. I have arrived!
  71. I Did It!!
  72. new years present
  73. Need Tires, Help!
  74. Happy New Year
  75. What do you do to headlights and tailights?
  76. Does anyone have....
  77. Links to the gallery are coming up on searches!
  78. Where Do I get started?
  79. All I want is an M5
  80. Best Evo VII Model?
  81. Skyline with engine??
  82. Why my airbrush sucks?
  83. Need Advice On First Model...
  84. My First Project
  85. making of Mugen Integra Type-R
  86. Porsche 911 GT3 by Tamiya
  87. Recaro Bucket seats
  88. What do you think about this
  89. Final Letter
  90. Do you learn your subject well?
  91. Engine detail/plug wires
  92. is it just me or does everyone...
  93. hello
  94. Some cool galleries
  95. Damn i am addicted!!
  96. No bikes?
  97. Fujimi custom wheels?
  98. Big Regret/mistake
  99. Carbon Fiber decals
  100. Corolla Engine
  101. Joyous time
  102. Does Tamiya Evo IV or V have engine?
  103. Looking for R33 race car pictures...
  104. Replacement Parts???
  105. The Celica GT4 is finished!
  106. Going to the Model Shop
  107. i Need To Know!!
  108. Baaaaaad Accord!
  109. Newbie
  110. Great alternative to Krytal Klear!
  111. Tamiya Nissan Silvia S13
  112. Help needed applying Bare Metal Foil
  113. Best paint for headlight reflectors?
  114. Season's Greeting
  115. Will Castrol Super Clean...
  116. What did you get for christmas
  117. Almost done painting the Impreza(Which rims are better?) + My Skylines!
  118. Lowering
  119. Substitution for Bare-metal foil
  120. Model T Ford
  121. This is where it all started many years ago!!
  122. Thinning paint?
  123. All Porsche models?
  124. help help, im a newbie to the model world
  125. Models at HLJ
  126. 1969 Camaro Z28 (Now with PICS!)
  127. Fujimi Evo Zero Fighter
  128. I was just wondering....
  129. Shelby Cobra
  130. Just got 2 more models.. (Skylines:D)
  131. It's Looking Like a Merry X-Mas
  132. Someone has hacked HLJ's site!
  133. I hate rattle cans!
  134. How to mix Epoxy Putty (pkw1?)
  135. Bought 2 new kits today!
  136. Great news on Tamiya thinner!
  137. People!!!
  138. eh...I started painting my first model today, and...
  139. Alpine A110 transkit?
  140. Finished!!
  141. Another HLJ order!
  142. When you buy a kit....
  143. I am going to go buy my first model right now!
  144. Fujimi wheels on a Tamiya car?
  145. Anyone want to buy/trade/sell?
  146. Just bought my first two models...
  147. McLaren F1 Die Cast???
  148. Die Cast?
  149. AIrbrush or rattle can! Part duex (2)
  150. Good place online for imported models?????
  151. Has anyone done Tamiya's New VW ?
  152. Ferrari body colors?
  153. Laubak!!!
  154. Looking for Primera model (was: For G-Forces)
  155. Cutting compound?
  156. EK6 Spoon Civic
  157. Cut down costs?
  158. I want Mazda MX6 model!
  159. Lamborghini Diablo and Murcielago Model Kits
  160. What do you think of this list of models to buy?
  161. Finished 360 spider
  162. How long does it take you guys to finish a model?
  163. Just got back from HobbyTown USA and.....
  164. Another great kit from Fujimi: Ferrari Dino 246GT
  165. What model manufacturers should i stay away from??
  166. 1/24 Hyundai/Citroen 2001 WRC ???
  167. what type of paint do you use?
  168. Removable bonnets and hoods
  169. Mercedes CLK-DTM
  170. How primer affect body color?
  171. Steps in Construction
  172. Couldn't wait any longer
  173. Anyone know of an e30 M3 model.
  174. Are there any Iso Grifo/ Rivolta kits?
  175. Starter kits
  176. Is300
  177. Can you guys recomend a list of tool and other things for a newbie??
  178. Whats your favorite body color?
  179. Share your references
  180. New to the hobby....does anyone make a good CRX Si/SiR model??
  181. Prepairung my Model
  182. Better CLK DTM model?
  183. Someone plz stop me!!
  184. I've got to get this !!!!
  185. spray paint is it fatal or not
  186. custom exhausts?
  187. Nice variation on the new CLK Mercs
  188. Newbie : )
  189. Quick Question!
  190. Engines dressing?
  191. Miscellaneous questions
  192. Do You Prime Small Parts???
  193. Subaru help!!
  194. Newbie
  195. Primer!
  196. Castrol Super Clean - What is it?
  197. What are the best sources for purchasing models online?
  198. 1970 Chevelle
  199. WOW....Check these photos out of my models !!!
  200. For rally car modelers
  201. Jay's New Signature: "I waste film!"
  202. My Mazda Efini RX7 pic
  203. Old Kits
  204. GRRRRR.......Damnit!!
  205. Painting spoilers
  206. Any Comments on the Gallery?
  207. My introduction...
  208. Just ordered...
  209. Following DVS's example
  210. Painting model car bodies! Full instructions! (Yes, you have to use primer!)
  211. Starting my first Project (Skyline)
  212. Tamiya Mazda RX-7 R1redux
  213. New model being painted!
  214. How long before the glue is set?
  215. Question on painting the bed of my F-150
  216. Happy Birthday PKW1
  217. Krystal Klear
  218. Ditched the vette for a SVT F-150
  219. ***DVS Model Car List. (No Pics)***
  220. Modelmaster carpet imitator
  221. How to strip a model...hehe
  222. Bought R33 Skyline kit-need painting tips
  223. Grrrrr.........
  224. Zonda scale models ?
  225. My 1st(?) model: Tamiya Mustang Cobra R
  226. i didn't know this was here! cool!
  227. How to make headlights/taillights real?
  228. What are these paint tips ??
  229. Need help with spray paint!
  230. Paint problem - cracks when drying
  231. Mail Order Duty into Canada?
  232. Mine's EVO VII
  233. This looks as mean as hell!!!
  234. Tamiya products
  235. Window frames again :-(((
  236. Fujimi VW GTI kit - A place to order in US or Canada?
  237. Lancia Rally 037 road version?(+)
  238. DeLorean Time Machine!
  239. Almost done, but bad pics.
  240. Airbrushing tips - and troubleshooting
  241. Skyline wallpaper
  242. Best way to match tan leather interior
  243. How's it going?
  244. Camera recommedation
  245. Testors vs Tamiya
  246. Warning-Avoid this brand!!!!!!!
  247. Not a car but really cool
  248. Thinking of going 'All Japanese'!
  249. need a little help
  250. How to Clean Old paint in spray jars