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  1. IWC: No Signature until certain post count
  2. bigger & animated pictures in signature
  3. Coffee Break Suggestion
  4. Thread Posting
  5. IWC. Rich text posting.
  6. Dune Buggies
  7. Left hand side AD'S not HOT (Resolved)
  8. IWC: Skill level
  9. IWC: Image Resizer (Denied)
  10. CDL/heavy trucks section (Done)
  11. diesel (Resolved)
  12. Poll: IWC- Locking of old threads
  13. IWC: f-body post stats
  14. Smart forum! (Done)
  15. Is there a way to change your UserName w/o losing profile & post count? (Done)
  16. IWC: Adding more statistics (Denied)
  17. In the ford forum maverick/escape threads (In review)
  18. Gmail icon
  19. IWC: Quick view on Threads.. (Denied for now)
  20. Mouse over feature (Denied-For now)
  21. Noisy pop up window at the home page
  22. IWC: Hitting tab to login
  23. E-mail Problem (Resolving)
  24. IWC: Screenshot Sticky in COT (resolved)
  25. Fix Yeti Games (Resolved)
  26. Aracade Info.
  27. Raise the avatar file size limit! (Denied)
  28. IWC: Make this thread a site-wide sticky for a couple of weeks
  29. IWC:Camaro forum divided by gen
  30. IWC: Do not display the subcategories for a forum on categories page
  31. Our Stars
  32. IWC: AF Skins
  33. New Apperance
  34. Mods needed in Blazer/S10/Sonoma forums
  35. Forum name is out of date
  36. IWC: More Moderators in Eclipse/Talon/Laser!
  37. Stupid Register Thing Wtf Af?
  38. Always have to login now???
  39. Honda Split 01-05 and 06+
  40. Please have "date posted" displayed on posts
  41. IWC spell check (Resolved)
  42. IWC: For Sale section
  43. Creating Avatars from personal art
  44. 240sx section needs subforums.
  45. Different section for 86 and older Silverados
  46. IWC: Printing individual posts
  47. IWC: Moving the page number indicators to the left
  48. IWC: gallery link in profile
  49. IWC:More/New Mods in the Skyline Forum.
  50. IWC : Off Topic link in the Honda/Acura forum
  51. IWC: Less adds for a fee?
  52. IWC: New/More mods for Civic forums
  53. Civic forums should have seperate 5th and 6th gen forums
  54. IWC: OT subforum for 5th+ gen Civic
  55. IWC: Chatroom
  56. IWC: Honda/Acura back to normal!!!!
  57. IWC: Split RSX and Integra forums
  58. IWC - Honda Forums General Section
  59. Poll Closing
  60. IWC - Regulars have voice to de-mod Mod's
  61. forum jump change
  62. personal profile: cars
  63. NO new layout
  64. IWC: 407 forum
  65. IWC: No Post Counts
  66. IWC : usergroups
  67. Parts Reviews?
  68. IWC: RX-8 Forum mod
  69. IWC: Moderator in Sketching and Drawing Forum
  70. IWC: Need a TSX Forum
  71. IWC:Being able to see the users that are browsing in the forum that your in.
  72. IWC: Upload GIF pictures
  73. IWC: Too many sub forums
  74. IWC: Advertising Side Bar
  75. IWC: I Like Eggs
  76. IWC Page Numbers
  77. iwc:critics
  78. IWC Re Reputation
  79. IWC: Links between similar forums
  80. Deleting Posts
  81. IWC Page Numbers
  82. IWC: Interchangeable Skyline.
  83. FAILED IWC: Black Dots
  84. iwc:accesibility
  85. IWC: old style of "view latest post"
  86. IWC: Newbies
  87. IWC: Signatures located in a new "Profile" section
  88. IWC: Private Message Reciepts
  89. IWC: Unnecessary signatures
  90. iwc:blue skyline in corner
  91. IWC: max smilies per post
  92. IWC: PM System
  93. IWC: font size: allow viewer to decide
  94. IWC: Forum Stats back
  95. IWC: Virgin thread shortcut
  96. IWC: Attachment thumbnails
  97. IWC: Unsubscribing from threads
  98. FAILED IWC: smilies per post limit
  99. IWC: Status bar on PM pop-up window.
  100. PASSED IWC: Quick search for recent posts
  101. FAILED IWC: See whos Browsing the Forum
  102. PASSED IWC: Reputation Points
  103. IWC: Important/Sticky Threads on each page of forum
  104. IWC: End of Next Thread
  105. IWC: Signature length
  106. IWC: PM System Glitches
  107. FAILED IWC: Logging In
  108. IWC: Mark this forum read
  109. PASSED IWC: Stickied Posts need to stand out
  110. PASSED IWC: scheduled maintenance
  111. FAILED IWC: Signature changes
  112. IWC: Manage Attachment without pop up window
  113. FAILED IWC: Layout simplicity
  114. PASSED IWC: I liked the original setup:
  115. PASSED IWC: Search Function
  116. FAILED IWC:Listing the members' cars
  117. PASSED IWC: Navigation bar at bottom of thread
  118. PASSED IWC: Similar Threads feature
  119. FAILED IWC: Personal Customization
  120. FAILED IWC: Colors of the forum
  121. New Format for Getting What You Want Out of AF